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Tai-jutsu (体術)stands for body movement, it is the orginal name that the samurai used to call their form of unarmed combat.  Now a days the term taijutsu is commonly discribed as the art that ninja used in ancient Japan.  The sytems Ju-jutsu/Jiu-jitsu, Aikido/Aiki-ju-jutsu, Judo and Kenpo are all forms for Tai-jutsu.


In class students are trained to use there taijutsu for self defence situations and not for sport.  We believe that modern martial arts systems focus to much on the sport side and forget that the art was designed for combat & self protection. 


The program is broken down into 6 segments to help students learn faster and gain confidents in their training. 


These segments are:

  • Hand & Eye Coordination drills

  • Footwork drills

  • Striking drills

  • Prearranged partner drills

  • Practical Weapons training

  • Free style training drills

What is Tai-jutsu?

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